baby-forestTeething can be a trying time for parents and babies alike. The following remedies are the ones than most commonly bring about relief. Choose the one that best fits your child’s symptoms and give in a 30ch as needed, up to 4 times a day (If your child is under homeopathic treatment, please consult your homeopath before giving them a remedy). For babies crush one pillule between two spoons, add to a small amount of mineral or distilled water and give one teaspoon for a dose.

  • Pulsatilla helps children who are very tearful during teething and want to be constantly held and comforted. They have a pitiful ‘poor me’ way of crying that makes everyone feel really sorry for them. Biting on something cold often helps whilst warmth increases their discomfort. Cool food and drinks or being out in open air also help relieve symptoms.
  • Chamomilla is a great remedy for children who become irritable or angry when teething. They cry and scream because of the intensity of the pain and want to be rocked or carried constantly to distract them from it. Children are often agitated, scream and hit and their face can flush red, sometimes just on one cheek. The gums may be very sore so that touching them is intolerable, or they may feel better from hard pressure and biting down on something cold. They can also get greenish diarrhoea during teething.
  • Sulphur is a wonderful remedy for teething accompanied by a reddish irritation or rash around the child’s mouth or nappy area. They can get a pale or whitish diarrhoea during episodes of teething. Children are irritable and anxious. They feel sweaty and hot and are worse from heat.

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