100% safe for kids

each child is unique

Homeopathy works with what is unique about your child.

There are such a wide range of personalities and characteristics described in the homeopathic literature that there will always be a remedy that matches the uniqueness of your child.

We look at how each child is different. We ask about and observe when they are most at ease and when they don’t feel secure. This might be different times of day or night. It might be about the social environment, for example, how are they with mum, with dad, with brothers and sisters and with strangers. Some children feel secure and happy in the home where as others will prefer to be out and about.

what is special about your child?

What kinds of toys do they seem to enjoy most? Are they explorers and adventurers, or do they prefer to occupy themselves with a single toy? What do they seem to be scared of? What do you do to settle them down when they are upset? Noting these kinds of things gives us homeopaths a sense of each childs unique character. But homeopathy doesn’t stop there. The understanding of homeopathy is that we are unique in our whole beings and express ourselves through our whole beings. It really is a holistic understanding. So, noticing the physical features of your child will help in finding the best remedies for them too. Is your child hot or chilly? Are they sweaty? What is their normal sleep pattern and what position are they most comfortable in? What foods do they dislike and which, if any, upset them? Do they like to drink, and, if so, what do they like to drink?

celebrating individuality

We work to build up a picture of each child and it’s striking how different they can be from other children. That wonderful uniqueness is what leads the homeopath to be able to find the best remedy for your child.