Fevers are a reaction created by the immune system often when there is an infection in the body. A raised temperature makes it difficult for virus and bacteria to multiply in the body and helps the immune system on many levels.  Artificially lowering a fever, works against the bodies natural defense mechanism, can weaken the immune system and prolong the illness. This is why homeopaths tend to allow fevers to run their course.

How best to help a person with a fever?  Skin to skin contact is best for small children and babies. Lots of liquids and a simple diet of broth, miso soup, apple juice, rice, rice milk. It’s ok to just give liquids for two days. If necessary bathe the child in water 4º lower than their current body temperature. Listen to your child, they usually know what they need.

Demystifying fevers

A common myth around fevers is that high temperatures can produce dangerous convulsions.
In reality febrile convulsions tend to occur at low temperatures and are usually mild with no lasting effects. They are not prevented by using Calpol or Nurofen.
A second common misconception is that high temperatures can produce serious, irreversable brain damage.
The reality is that this only occurs at very high temperatures, over 107.6º

Homeopathic remedies for fevers. If the child also has other symptoms (e.g. a cough), then it is best to look for a remedy that covers these symptoms and the fever will naturally go down as the child starts to feel better. If your child simply has a raised temperature the following remedies can be helpful:

  • Belladonna. Sudden high fever that comes on quickly in the afternoon/evening. The face is initally red and very hot but can later become pale. Pupils are dilated and eyes are glassy. They can either sweat or be dry. Aversion to stimulus: light, noise, movement. They can have nightmares or hallucinations.
  • Aconite. Sudden high fever, often begins around midnight. Fever often starts after getting chilled or after a shock or fright. Pupils are contracted. They don’t tend to sweat. The child can be quite anxious.
  • Gelsemium. Fever starts gradually with trembling and weakness. Heat alternates with chills. Body feel heavy, achy. They want to stay in bed. They tend not to be thirsty.

Choose the description that best fits your child’s symptoms and give in a 30c as needed, up to 4 times a day (If your child is under homeopathic treatment, please consult your homeopath before giving them a remedy). For babies crush one pillule between two spoons, add to a small amount of mineral or distilled water and give one teaspoon for a dose.

Seek professional help in case of :

  • the vitality of the person is exhausted or they feel very unwell,
  • temperatures higher than 104º,
  • fever lasts more than 3 days,
  • fever in babies less than 3 months old.

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