I find that the best remedy to support labour and birth is a constitutional remedy in a higher potency than usual. This means a homeopathic medicine individually tailored to the woman giving birth. It is often the same remedy that is needed during the pregnancy and so I recommend an appointment at the beginning of the pregnancy. This enables the homeopath to find the most appropriate remedy and to monitor its usefulness as the pregnancy develops.

Here are some other remedies that can also be useful during labour:

  • Cauophyllum is indicated when contractions are irregular or when they slow down or stop. Painful contractions that are not productive. Labour doesn’t progress and there is great tiredness and exhaustion. The cervix feels rigid and doesn’t dilate.
  • Aconite is indicated when there is a lot of fear and anxiety during labour. There can be fear of something going wrong and it is common to hear ‘I’m going to die’ or even ‘I want to die’. This is a truly terrifying state to be in and aconite can give a lot of comfort.
  • Arsenium Album is also indicated when there is fear and anxiety. However, the reaction of the person needing arsenicum is to try to have everything under control. They can become very meticulous and irritable. They don’t want to be left alone as this increases their anxiety.
  • Coffea tosta is indicated when the senses seem over stimulated and the attention becomes fixed on what is going on around her. Inability to connect with the body and the process of the birth. Can alternate between euphoria and desperation. Talks incessantly. Contractions can be very painful but ineffective.
  • Opium is helpful when the person goes into a state of shock or stupor. Pupils are contracted. She feels confused and disconnected from what is going on.

It’s best not to try to diagnose yourself during labour or to have to remember to take a remedy. Explain what you may need clearly to your partner/doula/midwife beforehand and let them take responsibility for the treatment.

Choose the remedy that best suits the symptoms and take in a 200c as needed, up to every 20 minutes.

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