About Zoe

My story

ZoeMy first experience of homeopathy for myself was in 1998 while I was studying for a BA in Architecture. After completing my degree I realized that a change in career was called for and I started studying homeopathy at the North West College in Manchester in 2001.

I graduated in 2005 and moved to Barcelona, Spain where I established a tri-lingual practice in English, Spanish and Catalan. I lived in Barcelona for 8 years during which time I collaborated with a family health centre called Marenostrum which uses homeopathy in assisting health during pregnancy and home births, through childhood to old age.

My beautiful son was born while we lived in Spain and has benefitted from homeopathic treatment from the beginning of my pregnancy.

In 2013 I moved to Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire where my homeopathic practise is now based although I still spend around a week every month working in Barcelona.

In 2013 I started running Women Who Run With the Wolves Reading Circles in Hebden Bridge. These groups create a space for women to connect with their instinctual nature, their vitality and creativity.

In 2014 I founded a Homeopathic Clinic in Bundachur, a small rural village in Northern India near the foothills of the Himalayas next to the Rajaji National Park. The clinic provides free homeopathic treatment for women and children and in the long term aims to provide full training for local homeopaths.

in 2015 I became Creative Director of Hebden Bridge Learning Community. We are a small flexi-learning community that provides high quality education for 5-16 years.

From 2017 to 2020 I was Principal of the North West College of Homeopathy. http://www.nwch.co.uk

In 2020 I co-founded The Learning Circle which provides small, democratic online learning communities for children.



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